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Warhammer 40k Battlefleet Gothic - Ork “Engineering” at it's Finest

By McKaby28-10-2015

Focus Interactive has teased us with a few images of some Ork ships from BFG, and they, well, look orky to say the least. We don't get to see what sort of weapons they have on a lot, but what you can see in one image is that the ships are effectively bodged together bits of metal to fix wrecked Imperial ships, which is something that Orks do.

A bit of background, the Orks in Warhammer 40k are a race of plant-beings (fungus, pedantic ed.) that do have psycker abilities but don't know they do, they speak very oddly and just live to murder everything, including themselves.

There is a fan wikia for Warhammer 40k here that will help with some of the information if you wish to learn a bit more depth to the Orks, but that maybe for those who are more interested in the lore of a game than the actual gameplay.

We do get from the shots some good image of the Ravager, a couple of Savage Gunships, and a Kill Kroozer attacking an Imperial Emperor class Battleship, another shot shows an Ork ship ramming an Imperial ship, a common tactic within the Ork ranks, both on ground and in space and in the background we see an Imperial “Defence Satellite” that are asteroids chained together, we have a fleet in one with an unidentifiable ship that is likely based off the Deathdeala hull, as the Ork's don't really have mass standardised production methods.

Battlefleet Gothic will be coming out on PC in 2016, enough time to get da gretchin in tha killakan and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!

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