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Wargame: Red Dragon Unveils Some Pictures

By JcDent08-10-2013

Wargame is a nice game series about Cold War armies pummelling each other to the ground. It's not too hardcore (units have no abilities - not even firing defensive smoke grenades) and not entirely historically accurate ("Prototype" tab holds units that were only conceived years after the cut-off date for the armies), but it has more sexy tanks than you can shake a stick at... and action so intense, you don't have time to admire said tanks. And now it's going to have a sequel, a third part called Wargame: Red Dragon.

As the name would imply, this means Asia. The campaign will be cantered on the war in Korea. Five new countries join the fray, China and Nor... Best Korea included. Also, 450 new units, though this might not mean 450 totally unique units. Early on, Chinese designs were just Soviet tanks under another name. And in the war, the North Korean army was seriously bolstered by Chinese "volunteers". Volunteers in the sense that an officer went "you two! Chairman Mao wants to you to fight in Korea" and the guys went "Eh, probably safer than here". On the other hand, 1975 is supposedly the earliest date for units, and that's years after the Korean war. But still, 1300 total units, sacred crap!

Also? Amphibious and water units. Hell yeah, I can already see BTRs crossing small rivers getting blown up by ATGMs. And river patrol boats is basically all you needed to recreate that 'Nam experience.

So, guys and gals, lads and lassies, are you excited?

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Posts: 3290

Looks pretty darn nice doesn't it.

And, y'know, it's Focus

Posts: 27

I think I'll finally jump into the franchise with this one.