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Wargame Gets DLC, Announces a Ship

By JcDent13-12-2013

Wargame is a good, hardcore-ish game about Cold War militaries clashing over flimsy premises. AirLand Battle is the newest game we have and it's pretty great. And now it has a second free DLC, called Magna Carta. First, it downplays the addition of 12 units (one for each nation – although with 870 present, that's a drop in the sea). Then, you get 12 maps! Two of them are meant for the massive 10 vs. 10 battles. Four more are available, in Destruction and Conquest modes for battles from 1 vs. 1 up to 3 vs. 3. And finally, Tree Miles Island returns as the fan favourite European Escalation map.

Now, moving on to things that are less free, Wargame: Red Dragon, the upcoming third instalment that adds Asian nations (bringing the unit count up to 1300), amphibious units and ships, has just announced a ship! The Lafayette is a French frigate class armed with one 100mm rapid-fire cannon, two four-tubes Exocet (anti-ship missile) launchers, one eight-tubes Crotale (anti-air missile) launcher and two 20mm auto-cannons.  Naturally, as the game will still use the three weapon slot lead-out, six weapons wouldn't do, so the auto cannons will be automated and the rest will be linked (well, only matters for the Exocet). Close-in Weapon Systems, which are supposed to knock out incoming missiles, will also be automated and not included in the weapon systems, but the more CIWS a ship has, the better are her chances of not becoming a point cost floating up into the sky.

This is very excited since modern ship-to-ship combat is not even the red headed stepchild of the AAA game genre. No good looking game ever simulates it and the ones that do require skills on par with a real captain and have graphics built for Windows 3.1.

The only question remains - will infantry be able to engage the ships from the shore, like that one brave British infantryman in the Falklands war?

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