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Wargame: 750 Ways to Conquer

By Bis18marck7007-11-2012

Wargame AirLand Battle’s development is in full swing and to show off some of the games looks, six screenshots have been unveiled today. As a sequel to Wargame: European Escalation, the RTS title is said to add a whole new dimension to the game with the introduction of new features and improvements.

Graphically the game has also progressed with a new version of the IRISZOOM EngineTM in full effect delivering more details both from a distance and up-close so that you can enjoy the addition of 150 new crafts spread over the air forces and navy and the 200 new ground-based units even more. Indeed, the war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact has now reached Scandinavia and with four new nations, the game will have an impressive arsenal of 750 different vehicles and combat units.

Do you play Wargame: European Escalation? Are you looking forward to this sequel? As always, tell us what you think.

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Posts: 228

I hope Stunt begs this game out of the developers so I could play it.

Posts: 1548

Maybe see will be next expansion/sequel.

Posts: 241

With all the different variants military vehicles have, and the amount European Escalation contained, I don't doubt them when they say 750. Remember this is across aircraft and ground vehicles. Wish the game was AirLandSEA Battles though :P

Posts: 1548

750?! It surely must be just reskins!