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Warframe Open Beta Weekend

By JcDent15-02-2013

Warframe, a probably anima inspired online shooter, where you and your friends, improbable armored suit wearing supersoldiers, fight degenerate clones from an invading empire, is still in the works. And while we would love to teleport and use all sorts of cool powers while looking like a techno hammerhead shark, we will have to wait.

Or will we? Today starts the Warframe Open Beta weekend - a whole weekend of shooting, slicing and dicing. For doing so you will even be rewarded with an "Open Beta Weekend Exclusive" weapon. Just visit the webpage and sing up! And tell us all about your experience. Meanwhile we'll ponder the question how is it that we're playing more not yet released games than the ones that are out and about.

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That's actually a good point about playing more games that aren't released that those that are.