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Warframe goes Nova with update 9

By siegarettes16-07-2013

In celebration of reaching three million players, Digital Extremes is dropping its 9th major update and bringing with it a slew of new content to cut through. Most significant is the new Nova warframe, designed in tandem with the Design Council, a community of Founders and Grand Master Founders who helped get Warframe funded. An anti matter themed character, the frame can teleport around the stage by setting up portals.

In addition, the Orokin Void and Grineer Galleon maps will now support new game modes and contain new Prime weapon blueprints. The Captain Vor boss battle has also been revamped with new moves and made overall more difficult, with a new blueprint made available for those who overcome him. A variety of new items have also been added, shotguns, throwing stars, and pistols among them.

Lastly, the Dojo has now been improved, allowing you to decorate and customize it, fixes have been applied to the clan system, and the UI is in recieving a revamp. There are quite a few changes, so the devs have released a video to go over some of the highlights.

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I never tried this game but it sounds interesting.