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Warface To Make CoD Multiplayer Free

By SavageOcto29-01-2013

With everyone seeming to be copying Call of Duty in terms of style and gameplay, it seems Activision has another copycat on its hands. But this time the copycat has one thing going for it. It's free.

Crytek just announced the closed beta for their new CoD-clone, I mean Warface. Warface will be a free-to-play modern/near future warfare FPS. It will feature a "constantly updated co-op campaign" and "class based PvP," according to its website. While the gameplay looks familiar, the game looks great with the CryENGINE3 and promises to be able to run on most computers with its scalability and optimized structure.

If you're interested in signing up for the closed beta, head on over to warface.com.

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Certainly looks pretty. Will have to sign up for the beta and see how it plays :)