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WARFACE Closed Beta is Live

By Leigh Cobb21-01-2013

Time to grit your teeth, squint your eyes and put on your best WARFACE, as the closed beta for the CryEngine 3 powered, free to play shoot-fest is now live. You can sign up today for some gun based, recreational fun. Also war...face.

Despite already being available in Russia, with over 5 million registered users, WARFACE is only just being made available in other regions. If the prospect of yet another generic, modern, military shooter still evokes some measure of excitement in your sensor frazzled brain, then you're in for a treat with WARFACE.

Simply sign up for the beta on the WARFACE site to join in the action.

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I think coop is going to be the only thing worth it in this game; and maybe the plant the bomb mode.