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War Z Servers Attacked

By NeonAnderson04-01-2013

The hacker invasion has hit the War Z now, while the reasons for this are up for speculation. Most people think it is due to a group of hackers out for revenge against the War Z developers. Kewk, the War Z's community manager has taken to the forums to speak on the issue. Due to a series of DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks by hackers on the War Z servers, their servers have gone down. While it seems that the servers are working (for the most part) again, there still seems to be some issues with the game and Steam. It is unclear however, what the Kewk is talking about in the thread, if he is referring to a new Steam issue with the War Z because of the DDoS attacks or if he is referring to Steam pulling the game from their store.

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Haha yeah I have to agree with you SynapseR. One thing I can't stand are people who lie and scam, which is what the developers of this game have done NON-STOP so far and STILL are doing to this day! I am really glad Steam pulled the title and offered full refunds for everyone who bought it through Steam.

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No it doesn't. They can all go to hell.

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It's honestly quite difficult to feel any pity for them. Does that make me a bad person?