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War Thunder Launches Second Wave of Tanks

By JcDent30-12-2013

Hey, kids and kiddies in all sorts of warplanes, milling around in skies of War Thunder like swallows on meth! The second wave of Ground Combat component of this so far areal WWII simulator has just launched. This means that several folks that participated in the game and completed various tasks (showing skill or just mindless dedication) are now getting the chance to hop out of the plane and into the sturdy if less flight capable chassis of the tanks.

Also, until January 12th, Winter Magic festivities are on and the players can complete special tasks to win freaky looking premium planes: heavy Soviet bomber TB-3 and Grumman XF5F! If you complete all tasks on January 1-10th you probably have too much time on your hands and definitely will get a free week of Premium account!

So get out there and get blasting!

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