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War of the Waiting

By Bobfish01-08-2013

Fatshark, the people behind War of the Roses are making...a game. What is this game? Hell if I know. But you can sign up for the Alpha right now, and will be guaranteed access if you refer five friends before the fifth of August. As for what the game is, well. There's a timer counting down (see above) that presently (at time of writing) stands at 118 hours (again, see above) which translates to just short of (more brackets for no reason and dramatic pause) five days.

So, next Tuesday (shockingly, the day after the pre-assured entry deadline), whatever this mystery game is will be revealed to us. I'm tempted to register myself, though I fear I have not the time to experience it fully at this time. But what about everyone else? Any of you have your intertest piqued by this enduring mystery? I know I am!

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I guess I will sign up for this for some reason......