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War of the Vikings Adds More Vikings

By Mokman21-10-2013

War of the Roses was a fast-paced action-packed late medieval combat simulator, if a huge melee involving twenty-plus people in a tightly packed arena swinging maces at each other could be called a simulator. Lauded for its incredibly exciting pacing and almost arcade style ease, it was then a surprise that it was underrated as it was. However, it seems that the developers of the game have been given another chance in their upcoming title - War of the Vikings.

As is obvious, not much has been changed in relation to the gameplay mechanics, but what is interesting are the new classes, with a recent content patch for the Early Access build on Steam adding three new classes to use in combat, such as the Champion, who wields a huge axe. Excited? Your manly beard bristling with anticipation? Then look no further, because now you can enter that same beard into a contest! Yes, really, it's right here, and it's because they're making a game about Vikings. Go on.

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Now we just need this, combined with the new Rambo, and we will have the ultimate male hair simulator!

Beards and mullets \o/

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