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War of the Roses Content Update

By Bis18marck7024-01-2013

I haven't played much of War of the Roses for some time. When asked why, I'd probably blame Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and the mighty Warhammer I like to wield, but Paradox stayed true to their promise of continues updates and this time, they've got quite a few things lined up.

Based on the image of the Scottish Gallowglass mercenaries, new armour and weapons will be available to every aspiring knight – Axes, big Axes, need I say more? As well as that, a new map, The Battle of Towton will henceforth be one of the regular places of slaughter in the games map rotation so feel free to take up the Highland call and charge your foe with unyielding fury. For further information concerning the rework of movement, armour, weapon speed and parrying, consult the patch notes.

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