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War of the Free Roses

By Leigh Cobb08-02-2013

Good news for fans of swords, crossbows and brutal medieval combat, as War of the Roses is getting a free trial version, more popularly termed a demo. This is an online only game and it is getting a version where you can't unlock anything extra. Still, for the low, low price of free, can you say no! 

To get the new free version simply go to the game's Steam page and download the demo. You'll get full access to the base classes, items and maps, whilst playing alongside regular players as well as fellow free to players. 

This is definitely a good move to get more people interested in the game, and sacrificing unlocks and class progression is a fair enough restriction. I found that War of the Roses was fairly overshadowed by its medieval rival - Chivalry, at release. Even since, I heard more about the latter than WotR. Still, we shouldn't complain. There was a time where there was nowhere to get your fix of online medieval combat, now we are spoilt for choice.

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