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War Never Changes, but Battlefield 4 Does

By JcDent18-10-2013

Battlefield 4's Beta came and went, and what was the result of all the rigorous beta testing and roof camping? Well, they published a blog detailing the changes the beta brought up so let's dig in.

"Low frame rate/stuttering", "Stuck on loading screen", "High CPU usage during the Beta" are the kind of things that you kind of expect in a Beta and are probably quite easy to root out. Also, knowing how low the requirements for Battlefield 4 are anyways, the game should run real smooth after its release. Now, „the elevator catapult" (where you are thrust through the map upon pressing its button) is a thing that never happened to me, but apparently was a big bug. When you move into the territory of bugs like these, the discussion about games become very murky. For example, there are a lot people decrying Obsidian games for game breaking bugs... which I never or almost never experienced. See? How can you be calm and civil in these circumstances?

Of various infantry balances, one of the most obvious is that RPGs (and SMAWs, since some of you are probably stupid enough to complain "US OP" if I hadn't mentioned it) will no longer lock on to Laser Designated Targets because it's "inauthentic" (what, did it look authentic during the development process?) and skews balance. As a person who spent most of my Beta time shooting tanks with RPGs, I wholeheartedly agree. RPGs (and SMAWs) should never ever, not even in alternate evil dimensions, lock on to stuff because they're dumbfire weapons. Most other stuff is nerfs – of accuracy fire rates and such – with Ammo packs the only ones to receive a buff. You can now get to up to 4 ammo magazines if you stay on them, yet still receive no grenades or rockets... so yeah, it's still useless.

Respawn timer was also increased from 7 to 10 seconds because... reasons?

Now, the vehicles section shows a lot of love for our mobile, armed hidey holes/sniper dicking devices. Tank guns will now hit more accurately under targeting reticule (yay?), LMG sustained fire grouping will be better (to harass rooftop snipers), TOW missiles will be faster (to catch Quads) and so on, and so forth. 40mm and 25mm (because you can't just say "grenade launchers") will do less damage to vehicles, same goes for IFV main gun (awww). Scout helos can now take more Laser Designated AA missile shots (2?) while attack choppers will feel more pain from MANPADS.

All in all, all is well on the far eastern front.

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Posts: 341

BF4 never changed. Its BF3, with new maps.

Posts: 1548

@Merc - same here. I really wish I could play the beta till launch.

Posts: 351

Yep I will say again I cannot fucking wait!