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Vulkan – Next Generation OpenGL

By NAG3LT05-03-2015

In a nice turn of events, there is an active push towards higher graphics software performance on PC. AMD pushed everybody else by releasing Mantle, which is essentially limited to AMD's latest GPUs. Microsoft are developing DirectX 12 which runs only on Windows and Xbox One, but supports GPUs from different vendors. Finally, there is OpenGL, which works on every OS, but has accumulated a lot of necessary baggage.

Khronos group, which oversees OpenGL development, has been talking about making API more efficient since the last year and the project has been commonly known as GLnext. At GDC 2015, they have announced the new version of API with a new name – Vulkan. The name change is not simply a marketing stunt, as Vulkan drops a lot of OpenGL legacy to better correspond to the modern graphics hardware on both desktop and mobile platforms. Interestingly enough, it seems that Vulkan is heavily based on AMD's Mantle, so we can expect a quick transition to it from developers who have already implemented Mantle in their games.


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