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Vote on Just Cause 3’s Collector’s Edition Contents

By Doubleplus17-03-2015

Collector's Editions. Basically they're those things that most people would say are a giant waste of money on a pack that has the game and some merchandise, or at least I would. Usually they contain an artbook that you read like once, a sometimes decent statue and a bunch of useless crap. Then again, maybe I'm just bitter because I've bought one Collector's Edition in my entire life and it was Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel edition. So, justifiably bitter, but bitter none-the-less. However, Just Cause 3's Collector's edition is an interesting case, due to the fact that they are allowing everyone to vote on what the JC3CE will contain.

The choices are:
Mini Artbook
Destructible General Puzzle Statue
Diecast Vehicles
Map of Medici
Grappling Hook Replica
RC Helicopter
JC3 Backpack
3 different dioramas
9 inch Rico (Which coincidentally is what I call my- ..You know what, nevermind)

Of these, you are allowed to vote for 3. As much as I'd like to believe this is genuine and not votefixed so that the Artbook and steelbook win, I don't see a CE with a Statue, RC Helicopter, and Diaporama happening.

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If the artbook and steelbook are what win, some people gone be calling some major shenanigans on this. I really like steelbooks personally, but you know