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Void Destroyer – Space Warfare on Kickstarter

By NeonAnderson13-06-2013

Void Destroyer has just 19 days left and is well on its way to being funded. The project looks very promising and yet only has a goal of 20,000 US Dollars and currently has 14,411 Dollars pledged by 695 backers.

The project already has a lot of gameplay from alpha stage of the game, thus showing that the developers have already put a lot of work into the title. The game will play as a hybrid between Space Sim and Real Time Strategy and will even feature direct control over each ship. So a lot of variety here and a lot of skill that will be required to play it.

So yeah, if all this sounds promising and if the video above entices you, then feel free to check out their Kickstarter page, head on over to thumb them up on Steam Greenlight and perhaps even pledge some money to a potentially great space game.

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Posts: 3290

Shows a lot of dedication indeed. He even went to the (admittedly minor, but still) trouble of signing up here to post a video in our forums. That has to be respected

Posts: 596

I'm impressed how far the game looks in development already even though its not funded yet. With 20k he should be able to create/hire/whatever for the assets he still needs to make to polish it off to a complete game.

Definitely hope it gets funded within the 18 days left on it now.

Posts: 3290

That's a real good job for one man.

Real good