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Visit Raccoon City in Japan

By Bunnysuit09-03-2014

Last year, Universal Studios Japan opened a new attraction called Resident Evil The Real, or Biohazard The Real, a “live action shooting attraction” featuring Resident Evil zombies. The attraction operates as such: a group of eight visitors goes at a time. Each visitor gets a gun with 30 virtual bullets and a virus infection meter. And yes, you can walk and run while using a gun.

There are two stages. The Raccoon City Police Department route and the hospital route comprise the first stage. The second stage, if you’re still alive, is the Umbrella Research Center, where there will be a boss battle waiting for you. The entire attraction takes about five to ten minutes to go through.

The pictures from the opening of Resident Evil The Real look amazing. I really hope Universal Studios in the states will consider opening up a similar attraction in the future.

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Posts: 3290

You know, they do allow people in groups eight. Maybe we should make this a Pixel Judge holiday event thing

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Posts: 3290

Don't worry honey, I'll take you. Can't guarantee when, but we'll go. Maybe next Summer?

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Yep. That sounds like something Japan could do.