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Virtuix Omni now Accepts Pre-orders

By NAG3LT10-08-2013

It is nice to have a device like Oculus Rift, which allows you to see a 3D virtual world all around you. However, trying to move around wearing it, would remind of the dangers of the real world very quickly. Virtuix Omni is a device that aims to improve that, by allowing you to move your body and walk with your legs inside a virtual world while remaining in the same place. Its Kickstarter campaign was received very enthusiastically and now the pre-orders are available.

There is a full version of Omni for $499 (plus additional shipping costs), which has the full treadmill, belt, pair of shoes and hardware for play. A second pack is 2 Omni sets for multiplayer, with an additional pair of shoes thrown in, all for $1019. Omni pre-orders are expected to be shipped in March 2014. The grip of a virtual world is getting stronger.

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