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Vikings to Invade Britain Very Soon

By PeterChi30-01-2014

Anyone who enjoyed chopping people to bits (or being chopped to bits in my case) in War of the Roses has something else to get excited about. Fatshark are soon to release War of the Vikings, which takes War of the Roses, and give them all big bushy beards. Well, it's a bit more than that really.

As in War of the Roses all armour and weapons can be fully customised to allow your warrior to move and fight in the way that you want him to. You want to be quick and stabby? Wear less armour and get yourself a dagger. You want to shrug off silly little sword swings? Wear a big suit of armour and trundle around like a tank. This time around there will also be a training area where you can try out your builds before you charge into battle and realise you only brought a big foam hand.

War of the Vikings is set to invade Britain in the first quarter of this year. To find out more about the game the official website is over there.

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Posts: 3290

Ladybeard. That sounds like an awesome name for a Lord of the Rings game. Maybe about Gimli's wife

Posts: 1317

25 years in, my beard still looks like Che Guevara's... damn, I must've gotten my beard genes from my mother.

Posts: 3290

Mmm, beards.

And Jenssens.

Lots of Jenssens.

With beards.

I'm in