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View Far Cry 3 Differently

By Leigh Cobb17-01-2013

Far Cry 3's Rook island, featuring flimsy wooden shacks, green jungles and fierce wild beasts and a whole lot more green scenery, was at one stage in the game's development a little bit different to the final product. Newly released concept art shows off theme parks, luxury resorts and other such places which weren't in the final release.

Sure, I loved Far Cry 3, but the environment wasn't exactly varied. You can only see so much green jungle and hills before it becomes the norm. The concept art on display here however shows Rook Island as being a very different place. Showing off various resorts, a golf course, yachts and more, this art hints that Far Cry 3 may have been planned as a different game at one stage. Theme parks in a state of massive disrepair all over the island certainly would have given the game a different tone, making it seem like an abandoned paradise for the wealthy, rather than the messed up chaotic world of pirates and natives it was to eventually become.

Have a look at the art, I can't help but be reminded of Dead Island with the heavy 'abandoned resort' vibe going on, I suppose Far Cry 3's tigers and other such animals would have served as an alternative to Dead Island's zombies. I'd rather fight a zombie any day, those tigers were vicious.

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Who's thinking we'll see this in an expansion at some point?

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Oh wow it looks great.