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Videogame Explosions Are About To Get (Un)Real

By MrJenssen18-02-2014

The various iterations of the Unreal Engine have always been known for providing a solid architecture for realistic graphics and physics for developers and modders to work with, without overcomplicating things for them in the process. The upcoming Unreal Engine 4 is a natural step in the right direction, but apart from more polygons and sharper textures, what can we expect to see, considering that we're supposed to be in the "next generation" already? We've already looked at some of the visual effects like water and particles that the very real Unreal Engine 4 apparently can handle, but now we're about to get a little more specific.

The video above is a nice demonstration of some nice new explosion effects. Taking the next step in providing explosions that feel less like scripted sprites and more like flames that will melt your face off if you get too close, Francois Antoine and Zak Parrish go into details on exactly how they have accomplished these effects. There really isn't much more to say. Check the video out for yourself, for the quite honestly spectacular effects.

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