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VGX: Shedding Some Light on Combat

By CameronW08-12-2013

If Dying Light isn't on your ever expanding list of things to be hyped about in 2014, it should be. A little bit Dead Island and a little bit Mirror's Edge, the 6 minute live gameplay demo at VGX sure did make Dying Light look like a lot of fun.  The demo touched on the in-depth targeting of individual bones in combat, the parkour movement system, smashing skulls in the broad daylight, as well as reassuring that 2014 release date. I certainly hope it holds up when that time comes around.

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Posts: 23

It played better than i'd expect of a live demo of a game that isn't out yet. Hell, Black Flag's demo at E3 was an absolute train wreck and it turned out to be an incredible game. Only thing I saw wrong with this gameplay was Joel McHale. (and that guy that fell through the concrete)

Posts: 207

It didn't play well. They may have improved it since, but the controls were clunky, and combat was slow and uninspiring.

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Hell if I know what you're talking about, Freelancer. This looks great to me!