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VGX: A Dividing Snowdrop

By Bobfish08-12-2013

A day early, the people at VGX are treating us to a tantalising look at The Division's weather effects. Something that will be uploaded by the rest of the world, Ubisoft included, tomorrow. The video itself ticks all the usual PR boxes. Dynamic, unprecedented, you know the drill. Whilst the engine itself, named Snowdrop, does indeed show some fairly impressive features. Of course, it isn't quite the powerhouse it's been bigged up to be, not in the eyes of the PC gaming Master Race. But it is extremely imprssive all the same, and does show a lot of potential. The lighting effects, in particular, are top notch.

Check it out for yourself my fellow gamers. And feel free to berate me below for by a cynical, self absorbed PC elitist. You know you want to. It does leave me wondering though, is this console footage? That does tend to be Ubi's standard MO. Show off the console stuff right up until the very end. So, if they're keeping with that theme, what, then, will the final PC release look like? I have to admit, that part has me extremely excited.

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