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VGA World Premieres

By NeonAnderson08-12-2012

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is back and in style, the latest trailer gives some insight into what the story will be like and what we can expect from this latest Tomb Raider title. The trailer also shows what kind of mechanics the game will feature in terms of climbing, stealth and combat. I don’t know about the rest of you, but after having seen this new trailer my hype level has skyrocketed for Tomb Raider.

The Tomb Raider reboot is currently scheduled for release on March 5th 2013 across PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Dark Souls 2

Do you still have what it takes to handle the challenge level of Dark Souls? If so, then be prepared for a world of pain and frustration with the coming of Dark Souls 2. While few details are available as of yet, it has already been confirmed that Dark Souls 2 will be making its way to PC from launch this time around! Good news indeed for PC gamers.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Being the massive South Park fan that I am, I simply cannot wait for this one! The latest trailer shows a combination of gameplay and storytelling that will be used in The Stick of Truth. What is especially noteworthy about this title is that it is written, voiced, and animated by the actual South Park makers. As such, we can hope for an experience nothing short of an epic South Park style comedy video game that will feature ridiculous gameplay and hilarious storytelling.

Planned for release on May 14th 2013, this is one title no South Park fan should miss out on.

BioShock Infinite

Filled with plenty of book throwing and even more mystery as we would expect from a BioShock title, curiosity and excitement remains high for this sequel. It is especially interesting to see the more finalised gameplay compared to the previous gameplay shown at E3.

BioShock Infinite was recently delayed to March 26th 2013 and hopefully will not be delayed again.

Castlevania Lords of Shadows 2

First of all, sorry for the poor quality video but it is all we could currently find. If we find a better one later, we will update this news post with it.

While not much was shown in this trailer, the main task for this sequel is to overcome the flaws that Lords of Shadows had. At the moment all we know is that it will be a 3D game but will use 2D gameplay, which should go a long way to make the fans of the franchise happy, if pulled off right that is.

Update: The trailer has been updated to an official one.

The Phantom Pain

Phantom Pain has just been revealed and already there is tons of discussion about the title, is it Metal Gear Solider 5? Is it a joke? Is it an error? Will Metal Gear Solid 5 be an episodic title? The internet is full of activity around the topic, with each person throwing out their wildest hopes and guesses for the title. It is also unclear whether or not this title will be making its way to the PC. Regardless of that, the actual trailer shows some action packed, emotional, sequences that will keep any gamer at the edge of his or her chair.

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Posts: 596

Of all of these I am most hyped for South Park: The Stick of Truth. Simply cannot wait for it! BioShock Infinite is looking really good though, I must say. Totally different from previous BioShocks (and much better I might add), at least it looks that way

Posts: 53

Oh god please let Phantom Pain be released on the PC and please let it be as good as MGS4. If that does indeed happen I would die happy. And then wake up and release it was all a dream orchestrated by Kojima - launching into one of his psychedelic, mad, convoluted stories.

Posts: 233

The Principles of Quantum Mechanics. BioShock, I love you.

Posts: 351

What the hell is with the Phantom Pain? That looks interesting.