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Vermintide “The Waywalker”

By McKaby28-09-2015

Fatshark has graced us with a fast action trailer of the Waywalker Kerillian in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, a Wood Elf that has left her home and is wandering the human lands to see these “clueless children” and never explains why.

The game is a co-op FPS that you play one of five heroes who are clearing out the town of Ubersreik of Skaven (rat people), the gameplay of the Waywatcher is adept at staying hidden and engaging foes at long range with bow and a variety of arrows, or if need be attacking with double dagger or short sword, also a long Elven sword if they have them, the same options as in the tabletop game.

Warhammer: The End Times – Vermintide is listed on Steam for £22.99 and Digital Deluxe for £33.99 with 10% off pre-perchase until it's release on the 23rd of October.

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