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Vermintide – Explosive Bright Wizard Video

By WskOsc20-10-2015

We can't get enough of Vermintide. We absolutely love the rat filleting adventure. Having one of the five characters be a pyromaniac hell bent on burning, exploding and sometimes, just plain stabbing everything in sight is just icing on the cake.

Sorry, did we say pyromaniac? We meant pyromancer because the mage is a member of Warhammer Fantasy's Bright Order, otherwise known as the Bright College – an organization that trains wizards to not explode themselves when casting their violent magic. Vermintide's Bright Wizard incorporates that as a mechanic whereby the character will explode if they overheat, literally explode we mean.

Vermintide launches on Steam on October 23, pre-purchasing gets you access to the pre-launch beta that has the first three levels of the game included.

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