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Vega Joins the Fray in Street Fighter V

By zethalee04-08-2015

Affectionately known as "Balrog" (not to be confused with M.Bison, who is also called Balrog) in Japan, Vega, the Spanish Ninja is donning a shirt and some new moves for his appearance in Street Fighter 5. A supreme narcissist with an affinity for everything that he finds beautiful, Vega's playstyle revolves around flashy combos using his three-bladed claw. Take enough damage with the claw at the ready in Street Fighter VI, however, and it would be knocked off, requiring you to pick it up again to make full use of Vega's abilities.

That is changing for Street Fighter V, per a blog post by a Capcom employee. Now, players will be able to sheathe Vega's claw, granting access to a new set of moves, including a command grab, in addition to changing his attack properties. Conversely, you will no longer be able to pick up the claw once it's been knocked off, requiring fans of the Spanish fighter to learn how to play both halves of the character.

Beta access is currently only available for the PS4 at this time, with a PC beta planned for the fall. Regardless of your platform, you will still need to pre-order in order to access the beta, which may well turn off some longtime fans. Capcom will be at Gamescom showing off Vega and Street Fighter 5 in general, so more impressions are bound to come out of Germany before long.

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Posts: 3290

I'm really liking the new looks. Vega especially

Posts: 39

Yeah, Capcom looks to be putting quite a bit of work in for the animations in Street Fighter V. Shame we won't be seeing the same gorgeous pixel art that KoF was known for though.

Posts: 3290

He has never looked so DARLING