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Vane, Not Vain

By BloodyFanGirl26-09-2014

If Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and Journey had a baby, that baby would probably be Vane. Vane is an upcoming "open-world adventure game based on mystery and exploration", under development by studio Friend & Foe (www.friendandfoegames.com). The title presumably alludes to a weather vane that can be seen briefly in the TGS trailer and also features in Friend & Foe's dev logs (http://www.friendandfoegames.com/devlog-vane). Beyond the above trailer that debuted at the Tokyo Game Show and its video description on YouTube, there are few details about this project. The video description teases the story as follows:

"A recurring dream a thousand years old.
A land shut off from the world by walls of sand.
A glimmering power enslaving the ones within."

I'm not sure what any of that means but it sure sounds pretty (and potentially heart wrenching). Watch this space for more on this project as it is revealed.


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Yes. Yes! A thousand times yes! (Almost) literally Team Ico, on the PC. This is made of win