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Valve Wants You to Skin Some Weapons

By Toast09-11-2013

Except, weapons can't be hunted down and skinned alive, but you sure can re-skin some of them in their latest update. Valve have added the workbench Counter Strike: Global Offensive which consists of tools on re-skinning weapons. Valve have apparently done their research into popular weapon finishes and thus has partially led to this decision of giving Counter Strike fans the ability to design and upload finishes to their favourite firearms. This gives players and designers the amazing opportunity of making some money if their designs are chosen from the workshop to become official finishes. Valve released this statement earlier on their blog about the latest update:

"CS:GO is a realistic game, so we researched real-world finishing techniques. We reproduced spray-painted camouflaging, hydro-dipping, patinas, and more. We also wanted to represent what happens to weapon finishes in the field. Even the most durable finish gets chipped with heavy use, so every finish is available in a variety of states of wear."

So now dear readers, would you like golden versions of your favourite weapons? Perhaps yellow or pink variants? The possibilities are now endless and you can create anything now to you hearts desires! Who knows, maybe you could create something that would be chosen by the developers or community. Have any silly or unique ideas for skins? Share below.


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Neh. I'd rather let everyone else make skins, and then I get to use them. :3