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Valve Turns on the Greenlight for 100 Games

By Toast29-08-2013

Valve/Steam have just announced that they've officially greenlit 100 new titles on their Steam Greenlight platform as of today, which means you can expect an outburst of a lot of new indie games in the coming month, thanks to a lot of Steam users that have voted for them. This move was partially expected after Valve admitted that they needed to 'streamline the process' of submitted and approval of games on Greenlight. So they'll now soon get to experience the games they voted for on the Steam platform. But interestingly enough there are 2 that stand out in the list, these are both Mutant Mudds and Paranautical Activity. Each hit the media headlines previously during this year with Mutant Mudds being refused on Steam due to Valve assuming it wouldn't be interesting to customers, supposedly, this was never confirmed nor denied by Valve.

For Paranautical Activity however, it was originally submitted to Greenlight, and after a certain amount of time passed while only a selection of games were greenlit, and it was ignored, the development team attempted to get around the greenlight system with a publisher, hence Adult Swim was chosen. This voided the Greenlight agreement which left the chance it had to get on Steam in a limbo hiatus state. It seems now that since it's been greenlit that whatever the dispute involved, has been resolved and it'll be coming to Steam officially now.

But, I could talk about the other 98 games and their stories, but we wouldn't have time for that! So instead you can have a look at all the games that were greenlit right here folks.

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@Merc: Oi! I make the bad puns around these parts!

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Might want to shut down that valve for a bit after this.....