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Valve Reverses Stance On Allowing Paid Mods

By KenpoJuJitsu328-04-2015

Yo jurors! As we talked about here, here, and here, Valve attempted to implement a plan where mod creators could earn revenue from their work if they didn't choose to give it away for free.

Well, you can't ask people used to decades of free community driven stuff to have to suddenly pay for any of it without significant backlash as Valve and Bethesda just learned.

Both Valve and Bethesda have explained what the reasoning behind the change was but it really comes down to this in the end: The community at large didn't want it, so Valve listened and pulled the plug in less than a week. Guess they aren't the evil empire after all and people really do "need a more robust Valve-is-evil hypothesis".


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I think I'd be more inclined to donate to modders, rather than pay for mods before I try them. I've tried many a mod that I ended up not liking. If Steam added a big ol' 'DONATE' button on the mod page, I would certainly donate to some of them. I know Paypal has a button, but I don't recall ModDB or any other sites including it.

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I want stuff for free too. That's why I review games. I love me them review codes

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Yup, they "won" because they can get stuff for free which was the whole issue despite them trying obfuscate it things like unfair revenue split and lack of a donate option. Notice how no one who was swearing they wanted a donate option is claiming they lost by not getting that option? Nope, they won a great victory because almost no one was going to donate a damn thing anyway. They just want other people to make stuff for them for free. Makes me seriously question why I do what I do lately.

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Shame. I was hoping they'd fix it, rather than removing it outright. This will make implementing a successful, working system all the more difficult in the long run. 'Cause people are gonna' remember "we WON"