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Valve Hosting "Steam Dev Days"

By Mokman12-10-2013

So it seems that Valve is once again being super-secretive, except this time they're bringing more people into the secret. Specifically, all the developers in the industry. They'll be hosting a developer conference called the "Steam Dev Days" in Seattle on January 15-16, promising an "Off-the-Record environment" with no press at the event.

What's more, there will be delicious eye-candy and rumor-bait present, what with the SteamOS, Steam Machines and Steam Controllers all apparently slated to appear at this conference. However, the main point of the conference is for industry newcomers and veterans alike to attend lectures and participate in discussions. Interested? Well, sadly, unless you're already a developer in the industry, you're not invited. Still, there is Twitter. And if you are, well, here you go, you lucky bastard.


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Typical valve keeping everything secretive and mysterious.

Posts: 297

Probably to show of how the new stuff is used with some of their prototype software and titles that are currently being developed. Could be other things too, I guess we might find out...sooner or later.