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Valve Grew 50% Last Year According to Newell

By Leigh Cobb15-03-2013

In good news for Valve, Gabe Newell has stated during his BAFTA Fellowship acceptance interview that the company's business grew by 50% in 2012. Which is to say, rather a lot.

This is probably down to a number of factors, such as: DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2 hats and expanding Steam into the Linux and Apple markets. Valve certainly was busy last year, also managing time to implement the Greenlight system and user written guides. Newell also gives away another very impressive figure during the interview, that a recent DOTA 2 update was responsible for 2% of all mobile and land based internet activity and usage. 2%...of the whole internet. Yep. The interview itself is a good watch, the video is above.


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Didn't they used to grow like 200% per year?