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Valve Assisted Oculus VR Technology

By NAG3LT21-01-2014

Steam Dev Days have been a source of many interesting news from Valve. One of the directions Valve is very interested in is virtual reality. They have released a VR mode for Steam and are preparing their own VR SDK. While there has also been some VR hardware development inside Valve, the current plans do not include its release for sale. Instead, Valve is cooperating with Oculus to improve the VR technology. So, unless something bad happens, we can expect to find a lot of improvements in Oculus Rift coming from Valve. Michael Abrash predicts that the consumers can expect to enjoy high quality VR in just two years. It all sounds very interesting and there are good reasons to be excited.

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This is either going to be the greatest thing ever made...or the world will implode into an infinite singularity