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Valve Are No Threat To Home Consoles

By Bobfish06-03-2013

At least, that's what Dan Mattrick, Microsoft President of Interactive Entertainment Business, had to say on the matter. And with a ludicrously pompous title like that, it's not at all difficult to understand how he seems to have completely failed to understand the Valve business model. This, of course, is all because of Valve's announcement of the SteamBox which is due to launch...at some point between now and the end of time. But the thing is, I'm sure Gaben himself will tell you, the idea isn't to 'threaten' or outdo anyone but to compete. And not in the sense of shaking your wang around to prove who's is bigger. Anyone with even a basic knowledge of economics will tell you, the key to success is strong and varied competition. Competition promotes an environment of pushing the envelope and trying new things, whilst monopoly only leads to stagnation. After all, why ever do anything new if there's nothing else available? On the other hand, one thing Gaben and the man behind the name for the original XBOX, and former Microsoft leader, Dan Brown agree on is that Apple, with their Apple TV shenanigans, could be a major contender. But what does everyone else think? Is this even an issue? Comments below.

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