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Valiant Trailer

By Spellbound08-05-2014

War... war never changes... wait no, wrong game.


In the grim darkness of the twentieth century, there is only war (sorry, couldn’t help it). Valiant Hearts takes an emotional approach to the terrible First World War and tells the story of five companions who risk their lives on the battlefield. The game is a 2D animated comic adventure where stealth and smarts will be required to solve puzzles and sneak through enemy lines.

I’m not entirely sure if Valiant Hearts takes place in the actual timeline of the real world, or whether it’s an alternate reality where new nations exist or technology has taken a few leaps and bounds (I think I saw German sky pirates somewhere in the trailer, but considering I really don’t know much about that time period, I’m probably way off). The developer says Valiant Hearts is a WWI-inspired game, which could mean it is indeed a different Earth.

In any case, have some tissues with you. The trailer can make you shed a tear. Valiant Hearts releases on June 25th on the Playstation Network, Xbox LIVE Arcade, and, of course, the glorious, miracle-making PC.

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