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Use the Concept, Luke

By Bobfish17-12-2012

So, remember that disheartening news we covered not so long ago? About the possibility of Battlefront III being essentially finished well, sort of maybe, we're not sure but it could have, possibly, perhaps was being worked on. We think.

Well, it's all just gotten a hell of a lot more complicated, and significantly more depressing. Our compatriots over at Siliconera appear to have unearthed some genuine concept art. This could, of course, be nothing more than a bunch of photoshopped propaganda, but I'm not so sure. The only thing we know for sure, this game needs to be made damn it. But what do y'all think? Is this on the up and up?

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I think the concept art is most likely legitimate. As far as how far along the game was before it was shut down, that is still to be fully seen.