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Updated Prison Architect Alpha 5 Released

By Mokman16-12-2012

Introversion has recently released the Alpha 5 of Prison Architect, their upcoming prison-management simulation. With it come new features, such as staff-only zones, allowing for greater creativity and planning when considering the layout of your prison, and also firemen, which is a step up from wringing your hands ineffectually while your prison burns to the ground. Of course, the build is only out for Alpha customers who are be able to download it immediately from here.

The rest of us would have to be satisfied with the gameplay footage as shown above, where we are treated with an fairly entertaining video by two developers explaining the new features of Alpha 5. Generally, the game seems to be coming along brilliantly, with the new features being interesting enough to draw me in and get me excited about the game. I can definitely say this is one of the games I am most looking forward to being fully released in the coming months. What do you think?

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Posts: 32

I was a little bummed to hear Subversion crashed and burned but they seem to be salvaging the interesting mechanics for this game. Introversion are definitely kick ass devs, so I'll be keeping a lookout.

Posts: 53

I hope they continue adding interesting features - so far they have been delivering.

Posts: 596

It looks quite interesting actually. I am just curious how it will be to play.

Posts: 1548

I am very excited for this!!!

Posts: 233

A peculiar setting. I like this.

Posts: 351

I may have to check this game out, it sounds really neat.