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Update 1.37 Ambushes Warthunder

By JcDent24-12-2013

Warthunder is ariplane simulation game that will introduce tanks in the near future and, in some far off days, even ship to ship combat. But now, it's introducing patch 1.37! It introduces 20 new aircraft (with a total now standing at 300), one of them being a German attack plane with the ridiculously big 75mm cannon (that's a stupidly big gun). You can cry about it being OP (like I used to when King Cobras knocked me out, which was all the time) in 8 maps. And all that background for your whining will look even better with updated DirectX 11 support.

Meanwhile, the research trees have been overhauled and now, instead of looking slackjawed at a list of planes you unlock (but not necessarily fly successfully), you will choose which plane you want to unlock and every fight with planes from the same nation will work towards that goal. One day, MiG-20, one day...

The super Closed Beta still thunders on in the background and secrecy, but the second wave of Closed Beta invites – for people who either fought or bought their way in – is about to launch. And when the Open Beta comes, there will be no more exclusive turbo package buying.

I wish I was driving a Panzer II right now...

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oh and in other news... Japanese tanks has been released on WOT, but due to the performance issues I haven't even touched it...

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Needs moar K-on desu

Posts: 596

This is a really great update, really happy with the changes and the new Match Making works really well.

With each beta update War Thunder is becoming better and better and is vastly superior to World of Warplanes already, Wargaming is really in trouble!