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Upcoming Changes to PlanetSide 2

By SavageOcto07-12-2012

New weapons and balance changes are coming to PlanetSide 2. Being an MMO and a free-to-play game means that SOE will be constantly adding new items to the game as well as tweaking it.

First up are some new weapons. Infiltrators across all empires are getting a new one-hit-kill bolt action sniper that has a long reload. Light Assault and Engineers are also getting a new weapon. The NC are getting the Razor GD-23 and “is the sharpshooters dream with extremely high accuracy and greater effectiveness at long range”. The TR have the LC3 Jaguar, “Perfect in close quarters battle”. Finally the VS have access to the Serpent that “boasts the fastest firing rate of the Vanu Sovereignty carbines”.

Matt Higby, Creative Director for PlanetSide 2, also made a forum post to talk about the game and upcoming changes. The post focuses on air-to-ground gameplay and vice versa.

“Ultimately friendly air power should be the best counter to enemy air power. I think that statement has been interpreted by some as us saying that the current balance is what we want, I want to be clear: that is not the case. Currently the air-to-ground balance is favoring air a bit too much, and aircraft have an imbalanced influence on the battlefield compared to ground.”

The post also has some notes on changes coming in next week’s update that tweaks the lock on rocket launchers used by Heavy Assaults to now require lock on to fire, but increases their range and lowers their reload time. Flak is also getting a buff while rocket pods are getting a reduced inner explosion radius. Heavy Assaults are also getting a new common pool rocket launcher, the Decimator, that does more damage, but has a slow projectile speed and no lock on. This makes it a great choice for when you can get up close and personal with armor.

If you haven’t already, you should download PlanetSide 2 and give it a try, if your PC can handle it that is. The game is completely free and has a fair micro-transaction model. For those of you playing, what do you think of these changes? Leave your thoughts below on the matter.

Oh and double XP weekend...

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I still need to try this game, it looks good.