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By BloodyFanGirl27-05-2013

Unrest is an "unconventional RPG set in ancient India" currently campaigning via Kickstarter for funding. The game is unconventional for a number of reasons beyond its oft not chosen setting. What has piqued my interest about the game is that there are "no fail states, just failures" which isn't an entirely dissimilar approach to the one found in Heavy Rain where player character death meant a shift in perspective rather than game over. Additionally combat is described as "brutal, decisive...and always avoidable" further suggesting that scenarios can play out a number of different ways within the game.

The game gives players the choice between four different and equally interesting characters:

"A young girl betrothed against her will, who is trying to escape to a nearby kingdom.

An aging priest who might need to choose between feeding his family, his ideals and his religion, as his order becomes more involved in violence.

The chief of the mercenary guild, the person somehow holding the city together.

The sole heir of the former royal family, now biding her time as a street urchin."

Each of these characters will offer players a different dynamic perspective on play with relationships being a core element of the game. I highly recommend you read the in-depth breakdown of just how important relationships will be to gameplay and how NPCs' perception of the player character affect the player's experience on the Kickstarter page but here is a choice extract:

"Every person in the world will have their opinion of you – some might despise you simply because of your birth or caste, some might admire you if you are a priest of the religion they follow, or some may be indifferent to your fate. We measure all these possibilities using 3 values for every character – Friendship, Respect and Fear. This system enables the game to portray a number of nuanced relationships that are not fully conveyed with a single "opinion" value..."

If I wasn't broke this would definitely be a "Shut Up And Take My Money" situation. Luckily the Kickstarter has 29 days left and is just under half-way funded already. Still, what are you still doing reading this? Go fund this project (I want to play this so badly, you don't even know)!

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The world needs more deep, lengthy RPGs.

I'm in

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Written by the immensely talented Rutskarn as well o.0 ... I need money to throw at this!