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Unreal Makes Everything Better

By eremeticskeptic06-04-2014

Half-Life 2 is pretty much hands down the holy grail of PC games. It's perfect. It's replayable forever. The characters are fantastic. The community is great. The mods are a-plenty. There is literally nothing really bad about Half-Life 2, except for the fact that Half-Life 3 doesn't follow it. (Too soon?) Now, though, it's been ported over to the Unreal Engine. It's not in Unreal Engine 4, but in Unreal Engine 3, however that really doesn't matter.

Looking at the screenshots transposes sounds of Roman Catholic chanting to the decadence of God. They're detailed. Crisp. New, but familiar. I'd prefer to let the screenshots speak for themselves on this one, as a picture is, of course, worth a thousand words.

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Estimated around the same time when Half Life 3 has been released.

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So, how long until this becomes a complete mod?