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Unreal Engine 4 on PS4

By NAG3LT24-02-2013

Real-time UE4 Elemental demo was quite nice-looking, running on GTX 680 and showcasing a variety of visual effects. After the interviews with Epic Games, where they have emphasized the console focus of their engines, the showcase of UE4 on PS4 was expected. Almost the same Elemental demo was shown during PS4 announcement and some screenshots were released by Epic afterwards. Some people on NeoGAF and Reddit have noticed that there weren't just cosmetic differences between two version, but also technical ones.

So far it looks like Elemental on PS4 lacks in texture quality, misses a lot of shadows and has less ambient occlusion. GTX 680 is much more powerful than HD 7850, but the difference between demo versions seems even bigger at the moment. Some users think that lack of time is the reason for much lower quality and expect to see a better version during E3 2013. Considering that last time we saw PC version was last June, it would be interesting to know if some more work was put into UE4 on PC as well.

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I didn't even notice that stuff was missing the first time since they had it moving so fast, it's pretty significant but it's also still very nice looking.