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Unravelling the Path to Launch

By Bobfish15-12-2015

When Unravel was first brought to our attention during E3, my initial reaction was quiet awe, which slowly, inexorably sank into an equally quiet despair upon learning EA had taken developer Coldwood under their wing. Such arrangements, with most large publishers, almost invariably lead to the passionate nascent indie developer being bogged down and forced into conformity with what the board of directors think is more profitable. Rarely, if ever, given a chance to flex the true creative muscles which made them so appealing in the first place.

Then I look at the above trailer, and everything starts to change. Perhaps, in the future, Coldwood will be tied into the corporate machine. But for the time being at least, I see a beautiful game benefiting immensely from the significantly increased financial backing. Enough that, perhaps, one could even be willing to accept that EA might be making efforts to give us what we want again. Rather than what simply sells.

All we can say for sure, is that come February 9th 2016, we will have quite the yarn to spin.

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