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Unleash the Dango Within

By Bobfish24-11-2014

Clannad. Objectively (in my opinion) the best anime. Ever! Made! actually started out as a visual novel. Two in fact, though the second is mostly ignored because it's a more 'traditional' dating sim with naughty bits. The original, meanwhile, being praised for its story and characterisation. And lack of naughty bits. The only thing holding it back from true greatness was a lack of (official) English translation. Until now.

Thanks to the amazing people at Sekai Project, a fully voiced (and already fully funded) version of the game will be making its way to Steam...soon I hope. The Kickstarter, already sitting at almost twice its goal with more than a month still to go, will also now be stretching to include High Definition assets (funding for which is also already exceeded) and all extra content that was included in PlayStation 3, Portable and Vita versions of the game at $320,000 and a brand new Magna anthology for a further $60k on top of that.

This...words cannot describe how much this has made me squee.

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