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Universe Edge Shoots For the Stars

By Caraline_Nelson24-04-2014

The Sci-Fi simulator known as Universe Edge is to be the single-handed creation of Albert Olivera, who has been programming for four years and learned about game design from Youtube videos. He is looking for $26,400 on KickStarter, which he notes will not complete the game but will make it grounds for early access. He expects his final release to be in 2017.

While this may not sound particularly promising to potential supports, at least he is being honest about it. He has stated that the game will be “sandbox style” and have some missions but no storyline. Despite this he’s about 1/26 of the way there with 27 days to go.

As far as what features the game has, there are a few sound ideas. There’s a block-by-block ship building section with an array of colors and textures. There’s resource mining, control of several ships that can be in different areas, and micromanaging of the ship’s crew members. 

There currently is a demo of the game. So, if you feel unsure at backing up the game, you can take a stab at it to get a better idea of what’s to come. Mr Olivera’s put five months’ worth of work into it so far and states that people should understand that it will be strictly single player and that the number of planets will be finite. There will be no realistic physics as well.

That’s still pretty ambitious. Shoot for the stars!

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