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Unity Was Teased In Brotherhood, Ermagad Ilerminati

By JcDent03-04-2014

Recently, the next Assassin's Creed game was revealed: called Unity, it's going to be set during the French revolution. Well, it's way easier to make than, say, October Revolution: commie peasants didn't really carry swords and it's significantly harder to outrun Mossin-Nagant fire.

Anyways, shock of all shocks, this has been teased before! The ending sequence of AC: Brotherhood (AC 2.5) had various symbols floating around. Instead of them being "Da Vinci Code" level attempts at being mysterious and serious, THEY WERE TOTALLY HINTS ABOUT THE SETTING OF THE NEW GAMES, you guys! At least that's what was confirmed, on Twitter, by Ubi writer Joffrey Yohalem, who wrote Brotherhood after doing AC2, and then went on to write Far Cry 3 (so, anybody let down by the ending, you know where to send them flaming bags of poo).

I really don't see what the big thing is, really. Sure, the symbols might have "hinted" at the next games, but knowing developers it was such a vague hint that really, it doesn't matter. On the other hand, it lets us get views without doing actual news, so hooray for that.

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