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Unity Looks to Reunify Itself

By zethalee02-12-2014

So Unity has had a bit of a...rough launch. The player and critical response has been lukewarm, and there's been a number of optimization issues reported with the PC port. In response, the CEO of Ubisoft Montreal, developer of Unity, has released a statement apologizing for the state of the game on release, announcing a new patch, and also providing players with some more information about what's going to happen in the future for those who buy the game.

For those that own the season pass, they will be able to receive one free game from Ubisoft's major offerings (Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs, ACIV: Black Flag, The Crew, Rayman Legends, and Just Dance 2015), and further sales of the season pass are going to be discontinued. Anyone who has bought the game in any form will also receive the recently announced Dead Kings DLC, though there's no release date yet for them. The DLC will be available for all platforms, and follows the player as they investigate raiders sacking tombs in Saint-Denis.

Will this mend the already strained relationship that Ubisoft has so tenuously crafted this year? With the unfortunate let-down that Watch_Dogs turned out to be, and the debacle surrounding Ubisoft's shady review embargo, it's hard to say. It's a step in the right direction for Unity's saga, but if the dour taste that EA's business practices left in gamers' mouths, Ubisoft has a lot of work to do.

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I believe so, yeah.

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I wonder if the free game is retroactive...

I want The Crew...